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John's Portfolio -- Across

My Games

Recent Games

Mosaic Mingle (2013)

Joe Snow (2011)

Past Games

Zcorb (2006)

Across (2005-06)

Crystal (2004)

Flipull Advantage (2004)

Mine Sweeper (2004)

Bubble Ghost (2003-04)

Minder (2003-04)

The Shima Bros (2003-04)

Diceies (2002)

Soda Junky 1 & 2 (2002)









MMF 1.5

A game of all "sorts!" Sort out the red rings from the blue rings and place them at their correctly colored side.


You got two rings -- blue and red -- to sort through in each level. They will bounce around while you control the purple center divider. Try keeping the red rings at the red side while keeping the blue rings at the blue side until time runs out. You'll pass automatically when you perfectly sort the rings. If not, you can still continue on if you get a passing grade. The game ends when you get a failing grade.

The core concept for "Across" was simple to make and didn't take too much time to construct.

There are two versions of "Across": a lite version, which was made in 2005; and a full version, which was made in 2006. Both play the same, but they have different features. The lite version -- which is my first version of this game -- has a smaller resolution and low-res graphics with no background music. In contrast, the full version has better graphics and a bigger window with a customizable playlist for the background music. The full version also featured an online high score table for Acoders.