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Flipull Advantage








MMF 1.5

A game of matching blocks. You'll toss blocks to match other blocks in order to eliminate them, but don't leave yourself locked! This is a remake of existing games "Plotting" and "Flipull."

screen screen

"Flipull Advantage" is a remake of games "Plotting" and "Flipull" on various systems. This remake is more geared towards the NES version of "Flipull".

In "Flipull Advantage," you need to get rid of the cluster of blocks by making matches. You shoot blocks to the cluster that would match blocks in its path to eliminate them. You always start off with a lightning block -- which is a wild card -- that'll capture a block that it touches first. You’ll get another lightning block if you couldn’t make more matches. The game ends when you ran out of moves with no more lightning blocks.

"Plotting" and "Flipull" are essentially the same game. The only difference that I found is the rule for finishing the rounds. In "Plotting", the level ends immediately when you have reached the qualifying number of blocks remaining. In "Flipull", you would continue playing until you have no more moves left but have a qualifying number of remaining blocks.

"Flipull Advantage" was entered into Retro Remakes's 2014 remake competition where it placed 19th in the top 20 best remakes. During the competition, this remake made an appearance on "Retro Gamer" magazine (which made the front cover too!) and on the bonus CD-ROM containing a copy of this game. (Trivially, Acoders's remake of "Haunted House" ranked top 10 at that same competition and has also appeared on that same magazine and CD-ROM.)