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John's Portfolio -- Joe Snow

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Mosaic Mingle (2013)

Joe Snow (2011)

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Zcorb (2006)

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Crystal (2004)

Flipull Advantage (2004)

Mine Sweeper (2004)

Bubble Ghost (2003-04)

Minder (2003-04)

The Shima Bros (2003-04)

Diceies (2002)

Soda Junky 1 & 2 (2002)

Joe Snow






Windows, Linux



Navigate your way through mazes of fire, acid, and treasure! Your score is your health meter, so keep your score about zero! Travel to different worlds containing different dangers. Keep your cool!

screen screen screen

You play as a snow creature, named Joe Snow, who's searching for powerful stars in space to cool his planet. Joe's planet, Glacies, is in danger of melting due to a fiery meteor shower. It is up to Joe to find those stars to repel the shower.

Every planet has a maze of treasure and danger. Try to get more treasure and less fire and make your way to the exit. Each planet has ten levels and the tenth level has the powerful star you're seeking for.

The unique feature of "Joe Snow" is your score acting as your health meter. Collecting treasures adds points to your score, but dangerous things -- like fire -- deduct points. You'll lose if your score reaches zero!

My remake of "Joe Snow" is based on a couple of 1991 MS-DOS games by the same title. I have tried the original game back around 1997 on MS-DOS. Ever since I started programming by 2000, I had always wanted to create a fan game of "Joe Snow" because of its unique style and challenge. I like how the game does not have any enemies but the only enemies are the bad items that reduce your score. There were attempts to remake the game, but they weren't promising enough to finish developing.

This remake keeps true to the rule of keeping your score above zero and tries to replicate the game's genre in addition to more challenges and a nice graphical update to the one-screened platformer.