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John's Portfolio -- Mine Sweeper

My Games

Recent Games

Mosaic Mingle (2013)

Joe Snow (2011)

Past Games

Zcorb (2006)

Across (2005-06)

Crystal (2004)

Flipull Advantage (2004)

Mine Sweeper (2004)

Bubble Ghost (2003-04)

Minder (2003-04)

The Shima Bros (2003-04)

Diceies (2002)

Soda Junky 1 & 2 (2002)

Mine Sweeper








MMF 1.5

Clear the board from mines! The numbers tell you how many mines are near. Use the tools to help you sweep the board. Sweep carefully... or BOOM.


Around 2004 was when I finally understood how to play Microsoft's "Minesweeper" on Windows. In fact, I learned a few tricks on playing "Minesweeper." After being fascinated over "Minesweeper," I went ahead to develop my version of "Minesweeper." Technically, my edition should be considered a remake.

My version plays exactly like any other "Minesweeper" games but with a few new features such as a pencil to mark off the used numbers. Otherwise, this is a well-made "Minesweeper" remake, programmed in Multimedia Fusion 1.5.