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John's Portfolio -- Soda Junky 1 & 2

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Soda Junky 1 & 2 (2002)

Soda Junky 1 & 2









Soda pop gives you power. Different flavors give you different powers! Pop in to each level and defeat every enemy in this arcade-styled game!

screen screen screen screen

I have combined two versions into one. I'll start off by discussing about "Soda Junky":

"Soda Junky" is my first fully developed video game. I was about 13 years old when I made it. I was quite a soda consumer at the time and enjoyed playing arcade games like "Bubble Bobble" and "Parasol Stars." In fact, "Soda Junky" was an inspiration to "Parasol Stars."

I wanted "Soda Junky" to make the players feel like they were actually playing an arcade game. I feel "Soda Junky" did manage to capture that feeling and fans of the game seem to agree. I must admit: this game showed its age as it shows my unprofessionalism in art and -- very notably -- English. I was only 13 at the time and much has changed now!

"Soda Junky" has a total of 50 single-screened levels with every 10th level being a boss battle.

Now, over to "Soda Junky 2":

My first version of "Soda Junky 2" was created in The Games Factory, but was later re-developed in Multimedia Fusion 1.5. In comparison, this sequel has different levels, "better" art, new enemies, and cinematic scenes. Some previous soda pop powers and enemies had made it into the sequel. "Soda Junky 2" tried to re-capture the magic that made "Soda Junky" enjoyable, but it seems to get lost in translation.

Trivially, I was learning how to use Photoshop and most of the images in this game was made in Photoshop; notably the ones with the white outlines and shoddy tracings!

"Soda Junky 2" has the same number of levels and levels with bosses. But unlike the original, this has different sized levels instead of being strictly single-screened.

Regardless of age, these games are very important to me as they gave me the reason to produce video games: to show new ways of having fun. They had their moment, but they still show how important it means to me to continue developing.