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John's Portfolio -- Zcorb

My Games

Recent Games

Mosaic Mingle (2013)

Joe Snow (2011)

Past Games

Zcorb (2006)

Across (2005-06)

Crystal (2004)

Flipull Advantage (2004)

Mine Sweeper (2004)

Bubble Ghost (2003-04)

Minder (2003-04)

The Shima Bros (2003-04)

Diceies (2002)

Soda Junky 1 & 2 (2002)









MMF 1.5

Xippie is the blue blob who runs ridiculously fast and must collect every chip in the field. Watch out for Zcorbs as they continue to grow bigger and bigger! Dodge and dash your way to a clean sweep!

screen screen

You control Xippie, a small blue blob who is obsessed in collecting the yellow squares called "chips." Xippie wants to collect all of the chips, but the danger of Zcorbs challenges its mission. Zcorbs are round orbs that bounce around and grows bigger every so often. Xippie must dodge pass the Zcorbs to get every chip and return home to complete the level.

You can say "Zcorb" was an inspiration to the NES and the ZX Spectrum. "Zcorb" was a short project to develop in Multimedia Fusion 1.5. The concept of collecting all the chips would ultimately be compared to "Pac-Man." This is my last game made with MMF 1.5 before moving to BlitzMax to remake "Joe Snow."